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Our features that will benefit you:


You can make unlimited claims and no timer.


Complete shortlink tasks and earn money.

Paid To Click

Click ads easily and earn money.


Complete survey, registration, installation, etc.

Auto Faucet

Earn cryptocurrency from the auto faucet.


Earn cryptocurrency from achivements.

Level System

Earn cryptocurrency by leveling up.


Earn cryptocurrency from tasks.

Instant Payments

Your payments are made instantly.

Last Payments

You can view the most recent payments made in this table.

# Username Address Amount
6622EzenwokoMBVZUhc3hZz9WLmKndHD5KsEoidFNJVv870.019 USD
6621Sree9009[email protected]0.0052 USD
6620legendpc811FLi1pQxnBXaAFA8ZnRJynE2a9FLeoYCQW0.0113 USD
6619tartayMG9XwaBg8oUwLKcnBueCKZyAUSkEgAkiX70.0061 USD
6618tartayMG9XwaBg8oUwLKcnBueCKZyAUSkEgAkiX70.0156 USD
6617duma12MDhhqXht8f5tnq5r8zDVvdj1g2VYwDgzvN0.0112 USD
6616zeuzatilaMFUQXomsLzi2rAgoDJ8yMoz2Z1bwuk1f5i0.1291 USD
6615kurinnojMSvv3eCFCchEuNmmDWjoPnt9xe8aG5LPzc0.0071 USD
6614samsam[email protected]0.0107 USD
6613salang[email protected]0.005 USD
6612avenger_zia1fg5hmnEUHaHZn3zvbs8Yapp5cgef26B80.0051 USD
6611Tts74MCZZJ8PCrD6TkanWjTThADGNjHTVTgb9620.0208 USD
6610tartayMG9XwaBg8oUwLKcnBueCKZyAUSkEgAkiX70.0053 USD
6609duma12MDhhqXht8f5tnq5r8zDVvdj1g2VYwDgzvN0.0124 USD
6608zinzi[email protected]0.005 USD
6607patricia475TMQppZ2gDFT1AZNrLdaGMiVNiFQj1yUKaf0.0077 USD
6606zinzi[email protected]0.005 USD
6605MetamaskTDxQTaWyuR2uCMdvKyacFDWLA6yhqiFqqh0.0051 USD
6604Alip82TVoTuEFFWXrZSi8T164Y9ZxH6xwCzvWVxj0.0052 USD
6603Khair009[email protected]0.005 USD
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