Success story

At first I was ridiculed and laughed at by my friends because I was unemployed. Compared from the beginning of life, I'm more difficult than my friends. But I'm also not surprised because their parents play a role in their lives. In contrast to my family which can only increase my suffering. But I tried to ignore them and my friends. By using an old laptop and a neighbor's Wifi, I tried surfing on Google and chatting with people on Facebook, but someone put me in the Bitcoin forum. And I started to wonder what is bitcoin? I tried asking the person who invited me earlier. Unfortunately, the explanation was unclear because he was busy and I tried to ask Google who knew better. There are many clearly displayed threads that explain the virtual currency. I'm trying to understand the ins and outs of bitcoin. Initially I tried playing the faucet, but the results obtained were not much. One time many bitcoin giveaway events were scattered on the forum. One of them was zencloud minner who gave 10 gh / s / Because at that time I could create more than one account, I tried to create many hundreds of accounts with the help of two of my friends. The minner that I left earlier per day produces automatic satoshi. Until three months later, I tried to withdraw the bitcoin balance generated from the miner but had to verify the cellphone number. Then I tried to negotiate with two of my friends and found a solution. With the capital of my friend to buy a starter card with capital spent around one million. The results of these miners produce around 1.5 bitcoin which, if exchanged for rupiah, is around 7 million more. After that, we share the results. There are about 2 million more obtained. With this capital, my steps do not stop at bitcoin. I try to trade every day with this money and the results can make a way every day one of them to buy a monthly internet quota, buy a cell phone and to eat every day.

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Cryptocurrency Full of Mysteries

Cryptocurrency trading at this time is indeed very much in the interest of almost all business people in the world of the internet in particular, this is because prices are very full of puzzles because every time the price of altcoin continues to change which indeed traders must be careful in predicting prices that will appear in the market. As with a bit of a funny story about altcoin that I use for trading on one of the exchanger websites where the coins that I get come from free coins (join giveaway events), precisely the LBC coin. At that time LBC happened to have a very reasonable price on the website and thank God I had more than 100 LBC at a price of 0.00035 BTC / 1 LBC and by chance at that time I was an exchanger because all of the prices happened to be high and the total was 100 LBC X 0.00035 BTC = 0.035 BTC at the price of bitcoin at that time 1 Bitcoin Rp.49,000,000 in the Indonesian bitcoin market and in the end I moved the bitcoin to the Indonesian bitcoin market and decided to trade bitcoin - idr and altcoin in Indonesian bitcoin and became Rp 1,715. 000 Throughout the day I trade with capital that I get even though I get a small profit but I have the principle of having to profit even though only 1 Rupiah, in this case I prefer to profit in rupiah not profit in bitcoin. And not a few days later [a bit later the price of bitcoin continues to rise and finally bitcoin I continue to experience profits from the sale of the results every time. Not feel the money I get through Rp. 3,000,000 in less than a month. This may only be a very small profit according to the masters but for me personally it is worth to be grateful for only playing BTC - IDR BTC - LTC BTC-ETH. This is just my little story that has a small profit that is important to increase every time, and for the results of this trade I have a profit which then I buy a mobile phone which is quite a level up compared to before. I did this so that I could trade on my cellphone and see the market every time. Here's a short trading story about profitable altcoin, hopefully this story will be a motivation for all of you friends.